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2 New cosplay characters for December <3
And I will do it without... false hope. by carencosplay
And I will do it without... false hope.
Yuna: My father... my father wanted... to make Spira's sorrow go away. Not just cover it up with lies!
Lady Yunalesca: Sorrow cannot be abolished. It is meaningless to try.
Yuna: My father... I loved him. So I... I will live with my sorrow, I will live my own life! I will defeat sorrow, in his place. I will stand my ground and be strong. I don't know when it will be, but someday... I will conquer it. And I will do it without... false hope.

Me cosplaying as Yuna (Final Fantasy X-Wedding Dress)
Shot taken during Day 1 of Cosplaymania at SMX
Photo Credits: Jake Martinez
Laughing together by carencosplay
Laughing together
Tidus: [imitating Maester Mika] "Such thinking is very unbecoming of a summoner." Sound like Mika?
Yuna: [as the two laugh] That's not very nice, you know!

Me cosplaying as Yuna (Final Fantasy X-Wedding Dress)
Shot taken during Day 1 of Cosplaymania at SMX
Photo Credits:Hirato Photography
Tell me the truth by carencosplay
Tell me the truth
Yuna: He will become Sin... with my help? With my help, Sir Jecht will be free once again once.
Auron: Lies. Forget them.
Yuna:You know something! Tell me!
Tidus: Sin's... my old man.

Me cosplaying as Yuna (Final Fantasy X-Wedding Dress)
Shot taken at NYNP Studio
Photo Credits:JM Cruz/Stream of Images Photography


love of cosplay
Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. Here is a collection of my cosplay ventures, Anime/Gaming items and my pets! Enjoy and feel free to comment and share your ideas :)
You may also follow me at
My first ever cosplay character was Yuna (summoner version-Final Fantasy X) so for this year I wanted to go back and become her again but this time I want to showcase a different side/costume and hopefully improve on cosplaying he

    Her wedding dress is really about her and I know I need tons of help to make this happen. So I asked my good friend and one of the most talented cosplayer and costume maker I know Ate Dukesa :icondukesawolf:  I knew that I wanted this dress to made by her and luckily she was able to accommodate me despite her busy schedule (Thank you so much!!sooo much love). The wig bought at My little prince shop owned by Gerald Avedano, which I’m an avid buyer and my necklace was pre ordered from Ahslie. As for the boots I tried searching at various thrift stores but wasn’t lucky to find one. So I tried the online thrift shop I usually buy from and to my luck they had one with just my size. Everything was set and all I had to do was put it all together.

    So Last weekend (Oct 4, 2014) before we attend Cosplaymania at SMX we had a studio shoot at NYNP and I am so thankful to my always wonderful and supportive team. HMUA: Jovit Sanguyo, Stylist Mars, JM Cruz of Stream of Images Photography and MNPhotography. There were minor adjustment on the dress and the wig styling took longer than usual since I bought a longer wig which was totally my fault (I should have bought a shorter one) but all in all everything worked out great. So this cosplay won’t be possible without the help of all this great people which I am so blessed to have in my life. After our shoot we went straight to SMX which took us around 2 hours because of the heavy traffic and rain and inspite of my feet getting sore for long hours of standing and walking on heels it was all worth it. I saw my friends and met new ones. Took pictures and mingled. The feedback was great, so that made me so much more happy. Thank you so much to everyone and I had such a blast! Until then Cheers!

    Here are some BTS pics :)

10347610 827550250600991 8993215853947930894 N by carencosplay    

10351586 827550130601003 1587309912641458641 N by carencosplay

1798589 827820190573997 1815173638074815095 N by carencosplay

10687082 827833957239287 360622429873095599 N by carencosplay

10711038 827833857239297 2798814516197435205 N by carencosplay

10698592 827834520572564 4998898378064266815 N by carencosplay

Cosplay Portfolio

List of Characters Cosplayed

1. Yuna (summoner)- Final Fantasy X
2. Kurenai Yuhi- Naruto
3. CC (black/DVD cover)- Code Geass
4. Vincent Valentine- Final Fantasy VII
5. Rinoa Heartilly- Final Fantasy VIII
6. Khezu X- Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
7. CC (prisoner outfit)- Code Geass
8. Medusa(own version)- Greek Mythology
9. Sexy Santa
10. Catwoman (Batman Returns,Michelle Pfeiffer version)
11. Yune- Ikoku Meiro no croisse
12. Black Widow- Avengers, Movie
13. Wonder Woman
14.Merida- Brave
15. Belle-Beauty and the Beast
16. The new 52 Wonderwoman
17.Maid costume
18.Khaleesi-Dothraki costume,Game of Thrones
19. Shampoo-Ranma 1/2
20.Daenerys- Yunkai dress,Game of Thrones
22.Sloane-La Dee Da
23. Draculaura-Monster High
24. Megara-Hercules
25. Esmeralda-The Hunchback of Notre Dame
26. Pink Ranger- Power Rangers Samurai
27.Sally-The Nightmare Before Christmas
28.Daenerys- Astapor Dress Game of Thrones
29. Yuna- Wedding Dress FFX

Original characters/themes
1. Dual Persona
2. Pres.Carina- original character, New Society comics
4. Avant Garde


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